Passover 2017 

This year we celebrated Passover for the first time. Last Fall I did a study about the feasts of Israel and how Jesus Christ fulfilled all of the feasts and required sacrifices when he walked among us, died on a cross and was resurrected three days later. Since it was the first time we’ve done this and the kids are still very young (and fidgety), I made the seder pretty short. However, we fed baby S ahead of time and emphasized to E that we were having a special dinner, and they both did really well. 
It’s a really busy week with Passover, people visiting, S turning one, and Easter so I wasn’t able to put as much thought into it as I wanted to. But I was really pleased with how everything turned out!

Here’s our table laid out for the seder, including 3 loaves of unleavened bread in the white cloth in the foreground, the seder plate, and the cup for Elijah at the back of the table. 

E drinking from Elijah’s cup. We can drink from it because the Messiah has come! 

Our Passover meal which consisted of lamb, roasted asparagus and new baby potatoes, sweet carrots, haroset and some of the homemade matzoh. As we ate, we celebrated the new life we have in Christ! 

My seder notes and one of the resources I used to plan our evening. If you’re interested in celebrating a Messianic Passover with your family or church, I highly recommend this book! You can buy it here.  I also used Ann Voskamp’s guide to a Christian Passover and used the recipes she links to, and this is where I got most of my “script”.  

I can’t wait to continue this traditional celebration every year and add to it as the children get older! 

“Next year in Jerusalem!” 


One thought on “Passover 2017 

  1. I know there have been times when I’ve created a version of a Christian passover, and have found it both deeply informative and moving. Yours looks lovely here! I love the haroset, and seeing your post makes me think about making some of my own. I hope that your passover was rich and rewarding for you and the family! Love to you all!


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